New from Old :: Girl’s Apron

Emma had a summer dress that was a favorite. White and pink and touches of ruffles and eyelet. She wore it every chance she could. I don’t remember where I got it, but I’m pretty sure it was thrifted.

Well, my husband needed to seal our driveway and she wanted to watch. And she was wearing her dress. And we told her to keep her distance, because the black goo would stain everything it touched. But she didn’t listen, and she got closer and closer. By the end of the day, she had black asphalt sealer all over the front of her dress.  I mean all. over. It was really past the point of trying to remove all the stains.

So, the other day, I sat down with the dress, scissors and my sewing machine. I removed the front skirt (that had all the stains), removed the back skirt and stitched it where the front had been, removed the back bodice and finished all the edges, added some ties up at the top. Now the girls have a new apron, which Sophie was very excited to wear (but had a very hard time staying still enough for a clear photo).

IMG_6912-1 IMG_6917-2

Oh, and I added a pocket. Because every good apron must have a pocket, yes?

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  1. I’m sure Emma was very upset that her dress was stained. What a great idea and a wonderful save! And I’ll bet they both want to wear it when they are helping to cook and bake.

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