Inside Now that Winter Arrived

Winter arrived late in Maine this year. Well, actually, we had a lot of snow early in November, and then it stalled, even warming a bit, and revealing the bare ground – such a strange sight in January. But now that there is a blanket of snow on the ground, and the temperatures have dropped to the much chillier, but much more expected single and teen temperatures, we’re enjoying time inside.

I’m trying to finish up a quilt for Norah, our second granddaughter, and have only the binding left to sew.  20140106_Sewing_Norahquilt_001_blogcopyAnd we’re playing games, 20150105_dailylife_family_003_blogcopyand (while I’m working to limit our electronics once again) there’s been a lot of snuggling on the sofa to watch movies.  20150105_dailylife_family_001_blogcopyI’m enjoying the slower pace even though I know it won’t last forever.20150105_dailylife_family_002_blogcopy

Wishing you warm thoughts today.