wrong side of the fence

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? 20150211_animals_goats_001_small

I was washing up the breakfast dishes, and far outside my kitchen window I saw something that shouldn’t be. Some things were walking where they shouldn’t have been.


(Abby, my faithful companion, loves having some work to do. Her presence will stop a goat in its tracks.) Now, in the spring, summer and fall, this could pose a bit of a problem, as there are so very many green things for them to nibble and explore, many of them in my garden.


But right now, in February, not only are there no green things for them to nibble, but there really isn’t anywhere for them to go. Note the look of confusion on their faces.


Also note the hay hanging out of Mylin’s mouth. So I suppose they found a bit of something to nibble, and play on, and pounce in. Good thing I was on my last bale in the goat shed and need to bring more in, otherwise this mess would have been so much more messy.


I guess we humans aren’t the only ones who get cabin fever.