First Doll

(Post Update::  I did some reconstructive surgery on the little doll, moving her arms to, um, arm level, instead of mid waist level where I mistakenly placed them. She looks better now. )

I’m not even sure what got into me last night. Dinner was done, dishes were cleaned up, laundry was folded and all the Littles were playing together. It’s the type of planetary alignment that rarely occurs around these parts. So I got out my sewing machine (a backup, as my main machine is in the shop, again), a pencil and some paper, some fabric and some felt, and drafted a simple little doll.

It wasn’t long before all the Littles abandoned their play to come see what Mama was making. So some scissor sharing was in order, some threaded needles for her own stitching for one, paper and felt for another, and the handing of many pins back and for (whether needed or not) for the third. And somehow in the midst of all that, a doll came into being.20150713_Sewing_Dolls_Firstdoll_001_small

Far from perfection, this doll. But it’s my first. And as the two youngest were sound asleep by the time I finished, Emma quickly claimed this one for her own.20150713_Sewing_Dolls_Firstdoll_002_small

Upon waking this morning and asking to see the finished product, Sophie and Silas quickly told me to, “Sit down and sew, Mama! We want one, too!”  Perhaps by the end of the day, two more dolls will join the first. And may the second try (and then the third) will be a little better.

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  1. […] Since Silas and Sophie were so insistent on my making dolls for them (“Sit down and sew, Mama!”), I couldn’t refuse (though I did put it off just long enough to finish a first cup of coffee). So, sit down I did. After a bit of redrafting (and a bit more is needed, I think), two more second dolls joined the first. […]

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