Second Dolls

Since Silas and Sophie were so insistent on my making dolls for them (“Sit down and sew, Mama!”), I couldn’t refuse (though I did put it off just long enough to finish a first cup of coffee). So, sit down I did. After a bit of redrafting (and a bit more is needed, I think), two more second dolls joined the first.


A boy doll for for Silas – short hair and shorts made from this awesome colorful print that I’ve had in my stash for a really long time.   And a colorful girl doll for Sophie – pink dress made from a scrap leftover from the curtains for the Littles’ room.  I cut out brown felt for the hair, well, it just wouldn’t do.  Only bright blue for this doll for Sophie (she picked it out herself). Finished with green eyes.


They joined First doll, received names – Scarlet, George and Rosetta – and were carried around and played with the rest of the day.  This dollmaking thing is fun!