Curtains for Zach’s Room


I started repainting Zach’s bedroom a couple of weeks ago. It was a very vivid combination of blue, green, and knotty pine. And it was dark (SO dark!).


In this northern latitude, we need to reflect as much light as possible, and we’re doing some building/remodeling which means a good possibility for bedroom reshuffling in the future.  So white was the way to go – bright and reflective and gender neutral in case we reassigned the room to someone else.  And then Zach came home and LOVED the brighter look. He had a wall mural of music notes that was re-positionable, so that decided the theme – black and white.

A quick “look at all the pretty fabric” trip to the fabric store with all the Littles, Zach, Maddie and one of Zach’s friends (do any other mom’s of larger than typical families feel like a traveling circus when they go out?), for Zach to pick out just the right curtain fabric (it literally took him only 2 minutes) and lots of time for Sophie to point out every bolt of fabric with pink or flowers (we didn’t buy any of it).  And then an afternoon of sewing – Zach willingly and joyfully watched the Littles while I sewed – and voila!  New curtains.


Now I just need to move all his legos so I can paint the last wall.  🙂

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  1. It looks fantastic! So bright and cheery.

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