Adding a Mud Room

This isn’t a home remodeling blog (actually, I’m not exactly sure what kind of blog it is), but remodeling and adding on is what we’ve been doing, so I’m just going to post about it. I hope I don’t bore you too much.

We’ve been working pretty hard at getting our additions weather tight. The upstairs addition is all sealed in, so we started on the next part – our new mudroom.

The only coat storage we’ve had is this one normal size closet. Imagine if you will, a snowy winter’s day. Imagine five children gathering gear to play outside in the snow – winter coat, snow pants, boots, gloves, hat, scarf. Imagine the shuffling to find your own things. Imagine everyone coming inside again, and removing all the wet snow covered gear and hanging it to dry. All inside that little closet.  It simply doesn’t fit.20150723_House_Remodel_Kitchen_During_001_small

So, part of our addition plan is to add a full on Mud Room – a thing of necessity for us northerners. So, our progress so far:

Mark and rip up the part of the deck where the new mudroom will be.
20150711_House_Remodel_Mudroom_During_001_small 20150711_House_Remodel_Mudroom_During_002_small

Have someone else put foundation posts in place – these were seriously the easiest foundation possible. Twenty years ago, on our wedding anniversary weekend, my husband and I thought it would be great fun to build a deck. We dug seventeen (17!!) footers using a two-man auger, digging into very heavy clay. I could hardly move my arms the next day. So when we needed to put a foundation in place for the mudroom, I was less than excited. Until we learned about techno-posts. Three men showed up, spent about an hour and a half putting posts in place with their mini-tractor sized machine, and we were ready to build. No mess, no worries, no pain. 🙂

We built the floor of the mudroom and then raised it up to attach a vapor barrier and plywood to it, and then lowered it back down into place. (Zach is just taking a break in this picture and we all needed to stay out of the way while Husband lowered the floor into place.)


Next we framed out the walls and roof.20150731_House_Remodel_Mudroom_During_003_small

And then we did a whole lot of insulating and wiring. 20150802_House_Remodel_Mudroom_During_004_small

And that’s about where we are today. We broke through the wall from the kitchen into the new space, and every time I walk by I’m surprised by the amount of space we’ll have, and I’m incredibly thankful that my husband knows how to do this type of project. He is amazing!