Maddie’s Oversized Infinity Scarf

DSC_8368_small DSC_8369_small DSC_8370_small DSC_8373_small DSC_8374_small

Maddie asked me to make her a chunky scarf. Actually, I think she asked back in the spring, before the days warmed, and now that the days are cooling, she reminded me. So, finally when I was in town when the yarn shop was open (a rare occurrence it seems), I picked up some chunky yarn, figured out how to do a Foundation Double Crochet, and the rest was quick work. Actually, the making of the scarf took less time than the convincing of the daughter to allow me to take her picture in her new scarf.

It also doubles as a kitten cozy and carrier. Crookshanks enjoyed the snuggle. DSC_8382_small DSC_8379_small

The pattern for the scarf is here. It really is a simple pattern and quick to make, which is a good thing because she also wants one in red.  Now to try to get to the yarn store again.

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