Cleaning out the Candle Drawer


Maddie decided she wanted a dresser in her room but she didn’t want another piece of furniture in her room, preferring an open look.  So we decided to move one into her closet. It needed to be narrow to fit in her closet space, and I had one in the basement that was just the right size that I had been keeping odds and ends in.  I told her to clean out the dresser and we’d move it upstairs to her room. Guess what she found. A drawer of candles and candle holders I had forgotten about.  I also have a small cupboard in the bathroom that had some candles and other items.  So we went through all the candles and holders, keeping only those we love, and setting the others aside for this weekend’s fundraising yard sale (A yard sale. In Maine. In December. Who does these things? It’s an indoor sale, but still.)

And so Maddie got her dresser, I got all my candles sorted and kept only those I love, storing them all in one small cupboard, and we had dinner by candlelight.

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  1. What a nice surprise to find all of the candles and sounds like your daughter got a dresser that is going to work well in her closet!!

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