A Mouse in my Kitchen

There’s a mouse in my kitchen. It’s a very small mouse. It’s rather cute.  I think I’ll allow it to stay, though my cats would like to play with it for a while.

Here’s my mouse:

knitted mouse-1 knitted mouse-2

Just a little teensy weensy yarny mouse made by my own two hands.

I had some unexpected down time due to a bit of a sore knee from a brief suspension of good judgement. In other words, I attempted downhill skiing with my children last week, and promptly fell and twisted my knee, and heard a rather disconcerting “Pop!”.  I’ve been doing lots of resting and icing and trying to keep my hands busy, one of the results is this sweet little mouse.

There’s a saying that if you see one mouse, you have 50 hiding.  Well, as cute as this one is, I think I could make several more. Maybe not 50, but that depends much on my knee.