Sleepover Pajamas for Si

My youngest boy has been, despite my wishes to keep him small for a bit longer, growing quickly. And the poor boy has been without proper bed clothes for a time, having worn a hole in the knees of one of the last pair of pajama bottoms that fit, and calling upon the use of comfortable t-shirts for tops.

I spied the Oliver+S Sleepover Pajama pattern at my local fabric store and thought that it would be quite perfect for new nighttime attire, bonus that I can make it for both boy and girls, double bonus because it has pockets!  (And triple bonus for me, as my fabric source is a secret. See if you can guess what it is before you read the secret at the bottom of my post.)sleepover pajamas-1

I stitched these up for Silas out of soft and warm flannel, and he put them on promptly and danced around, celebrating his brand new pajamas, with pockets, of course, for this boy has many treasures and he must keep them close by at all times.

sleepover pajamas-5 sleepover pajamas-7 sleepover pajamas-6The pattern calls for a coordinating fabric for the facing, pocket yoke and hem cuff, but I didn’t have one, so I was oh-so-crafty and turned my pattern pieces on the side to make the stripes go the other way.  Genius, yes? (Please don’t deflate my ‘very proud of myself for thinking of it’ self by telling me this is done often. I prefer to relish in my joy of the moment for coming up with the idea all by myself.) sleepover pajamas-3 Sadly, his celebrating mood was short lived, for the following morning Silas awoke with quite a tummy ache and spent much of the day abed. Though I like to think that his sick time was made a little better by very nice, comfortable and warm, new pajamas.   sleepover pajamas-10 sleepover pajamas-9 sleepover pajamas-8

He slumbered for several hours yesterday afternoon, and then popped right back up again, healthy and better and ready to play again.

sleepover pajamas-4

So did you guess my secret for the fabric?

I made these from the top of a sheet set. The fitted sheet was so worn that it finally tore through, rendering the sheets unmendable and unusable for the purpose for which they were made.  But oh, that fabric! So soft and warm and perfect for pajamas, yes?   And even the buttons were from a thrifted item. So these pajamas were frugally made indeed!

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  1. Those pj’s are brilliant, the look a great fit on him but with room to grow too and I bet they’re super cosy to wear with the flannel. Gorgeous work 🙂 Sorry he was poorly, hope he hasn’t shared his germs with you!

    1. Thank you Evelyn. They are a smidge larger than they should be, but I made them with hope that he’ll be able to wear them next winter as well, and there are cuffs and hems I can let out as well. It was nice to make something so very useful out of that length of flannel sheet. He has, sadly, decided to share his illness with a few of his siblings and his Papa. I’m hoping to continue to avoid it.

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