Cloth Dolls

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on a couple of dolls here and there. There are so many amazing and talented doll makers online, and after looking at them I became almost obsessed with creating something with my own hands.  Some of my first attempts were pretty simplistic and really needed some refining, but as they were my first attempts I was okay with that. (You can see some of them here and here, and I posted a few on instagram over the last couple of months).

None of them were quite what I had envisioned though, so I kept at it, and ended up coming up with my own pattern after looking at many, many others and pulling what I liked and eliminating what I didn’t like and refining shapes and sizes.  And from this pattern, and from the inspiration I found through so many others, these sweet dolls came to be, from my own hands.  Let me introduce them to you.

This is Daisy. dolls-1 She is a rather quiet little being.  Sweet and cuddly, with cupcake frosting hair.   She sat so very patiently while I worked on her, making suggestions as I went along, telling me to try a little longer arm, a slightly rounder leg.  She is a wise old soul in her young, soft body.  And once she was finished, she whispered that she really would like to have a sister. I simply had to oblige her.

Here is Sissy.dolls-2Sissy is just as sweet as her sister, but she is really not a quiet being.  No, indeed! I had some trouble getting her to sit still for me so I could take her picture.  Even when Daisy was reading her a story (and a very interesting one, it was), Sissy just couldn’t stay in one place.  dolls-10She started out just fine, looking at the book as her sister read. But then she didn’t want to sit nicely any longer, so she stretched out and imagined the pictures from the story.dolls-4
The story line must have been an exciting one, because she didn’t stay there for long, soon she moved to the other side to see if she could read what would happen before her sister did. dolls-6Daisy told her to sit still, and she tried again. dolls-5But that didn’t last very long. dolls-11Daisy was less than amused, but she kept her focus and read the story to her sister, even as Sissy tried flips and head stands (she’s not very good at them at all). dolls-7 It’s a good thing they have sweet little pantaloons (with pintucks) under their dresses.  I wonder if it’s Sissy’s little cinnamon bun hair that makes her so wound up.  dolls-3
She flipped around so much, she lost one of her boots.  The girls looked for it together, and eventually they found it tucked under the edge of the book. dolls-8Yes, Sissy causes a wee bit of trouble, but her sister, Daisy, loves her so very much.  They’re quite best friends already. dolls-9


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  1. Wow. Adorable dolls and I loved the story. You should be writing children’s books!

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to write children’s books, but I honestly don’t know how to get from point A to point B. For now I hope to make more dolls and create more stories to go with them. I’m so glad you came to visit!

  2. Your dolls are quite lovely! I loved the story and the posing of the dolls throughout. These dolls remind me of the doll my grandmother made me when I was a little girl. I LOVED that doll. #ManicMondayBlogHop

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