Coloring with dolls

Hearing a soft giggle and some shuffling around in the other room, I checked to see what the little girls were up to, usually a bit of mischief when they’re this quiet.  Not mischief this time, it seems that their dolls wished to color a bit, and the girls were happy to oblige.  The crayon basket was retrieved from the shelf and books opened to find just the right picture for each doll to color, and a couple of very happy little girls proceeded to help their dolls color their pages.  Emma and Sophie worked on teaching the proper way to hold a crayon, but as the dolls don’t have thumbs, it’s a bit difficult you see.

dollplay-1 dollplay-2

I just realized that I never introduced the doll I made for Silas here, and only showed him on Instagram.  It’s raining today and this little boy doll is quite the adventurer and is pouting a bit, but I’ll try to take some happy pictures of him, though it may need to wait for the rain to stop as he seems happiest when he’s outside.