April garden and old quotes

april_garden-1 april_garden-2 april_garden-3 april_garden-4 april_garden-5The pictures have nothing to do with the words today, but this is what my flower gardens look like this week.  Thought I’d document them and share, because they’re so very pretty.

I know, I’m supposed to write these things down somewhere. But I rarely do.  Sometimes I post them on facebook, but then they get lost. So I’m going to write down the older ones as I find them so they’re all in one place (I hope).

April 28, 2011:
Me: “Emma, are you hungry?”
Emma: “Yep.”
Me: “What do you want to eat?”
Emma: “Lunch.”

Maddie: “Zach, what are you doing?”
Zach: “Nothing.”
Maddie: “You can’t be doing ‘nothing’.”
Zach: “Well, I’m breathing.”