Fiber Frolic


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We spent yesterday at the Windsor Fairgrounds at the annual Maine Fiber Frolic.  It was very overcast and rain threatened all day, but it held off until the very end.  Talking to several of the vendors, they said that Saturday was full and even crowded, but while we were there the crowds were minimal, much to my rather introvert self’s content.

The Middles were away for the weekend so it was just the Littles with us.  They enjoyed seeing and petting every animal they spied along the way, while I stopped and admired all the beautiful fiber – roving, yarn and batting, and spinning wheels.  It’s one of the more low key festivals for our low key state, but it’s a great way to meet local sheep and goat enthusiasts and talk with them about their animals and their yarn and dying and spinning and weaving (oh my!).

And, of course, a little bribery took place – “Just walk through this one more building and we’ll get some ice cream”.  Ice cream that was home made and well worth the wait.  Husband and I shared ours because we couldn’t decide which to get – Salted Caramel and Maine Blueberry. (Yum!)

At the end we ducked into the blacksmith shop after spying the telltale signs of a coal fire rising from the chimney across the field and Husband admired all the tools and the forge set up.  A very good day for all.