Handmade Halloween

The flurry of making over the last few weeks is finally wrapping up today, with signs of much activity all around.  There are piles of fabric that need to be folded and put away again, pieces of string and fluff that need to be swept from the floor, bottles of paint that need to be put back and I’m not sure what condition the workshop is in.

The five costumes we’ve assembled include Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy, the Queen of Hearts (all in pink), a marionette, and Link.  All made from mostly stash and thrifted materials, even there sword and shield came mostly from spare materials. All that is left to do is some hair and makeup, and of course finding warm clothes to wear under all the make believe, because October 31 in Maine is a little chilly.

We skipped a few years of participating in Halloween, choosing to avoid sometimes over the top scariness for safer and more family friendly events. Our children have always loved dressing up and pretend play though, and I have always enjoyed making costumes for them, so stepping back into trick or treating a few years ago was welcomed by all. We join a few other families along with a few hundred (or more) people and eveyone seems to keep the gore and fright within reason (though  there are a few places we skip because it’s too much for the Littles).

Hopefully we’ll have time before heading out to get some pictures of everyone.  And hopefully this year my computer and back up won’t fail at the same time, causing me to lose the picture. Ahem.