January Mittens for Mama

I have long believed that certain items of clothing belong to certain months.  Sweaters for November, loose skirts in July, and mittens in January.  There’s something about the month of January that calls for mittens.  Not gloves, mind you.  Mittens.  And I found myself lacking mittens to wear in January.

So what does a knitting mama do when she has a fresh ball of yarn, recently retrieved from a frogged cowl?  She quickly casts on before anyone else puts in a request.

I used the Family Mittens pattern and found it to be a blissfully easy knit, and was quite relieved that I could knit away without remembering to carry the written pattern with me.  I did run into a bit of an oops when working on that second mitten.  So anxious to finish, I just kept knitting and completely forgot to leave space for my thumb on the second mitten. I had to unknit a bit, but only 2 rows, put the waste yarn holder in place, and was happily on my way.

I’m not completely certain the yarn was the right weight, but mittens are a rather forgiving sort, and they fit my hands just fine.  They went for a quick soak for blocking and as soon as they finished drying I took them out for a test run.

I have declared them to be perfect egg gathering mittens.  Especially in January.