Ever After Cottage Doll – February

I knew it would be a slow start this year for doll making, but I truly didn’t think it would be this slow.  I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I did actually finish one, and not think about all those who sit unfinished and waiting for my attention.

Would you like to meet her?

My newest Ever After Cottage Heirloom Doll has long locks of red, with pink and white highlights throughout.  The yarn is wool with a little alpaca and is place on her head one strand at a time.  It is securely fastened and is rather irresistible to little girls (and big girls) who like to style hair, though it should be done gently and should never be brushed except with your fingers.

Her face is hand embroidered and her cheeks are circles of wool felt that are hand stitched into place.  Her body, arms and legs are made of sturdy cotton and she is stuffed firmly with wool, but is still squeezable and perfect for hugs.

Her clothing is made from cotton and she has a long sleeved dress, a reversible pixie hat that is green on one side and yellow on the other and ties either under her chin or behind her hair, depending on her mood (and the weather), and elastic waist bloomers that are the same yellow as her hat.

Many doll makers name their dolls before sending them out into the world, but I don’t.  I feel that the naming should be done by the new parent, and so my dolls come to you without a name, though I have been tempted to give her one.

She’s available on my Etsy shop if you’d like to give her a home.

Each Ever After Cottage Heirloom Doll is unique and made slowly by hand, stitched in my home studio in Maine. Because of her yarn hair, she is best suited to a child over the age of three.