An Apron for Ali

Yesterday I told you about Norah’s 3rd birthday coming on Saturday and the camera cozy I made.  Well, this past Sunday was Ali’s birthday.  She turned 8!  I wanted to make her something, but we’ve been so busy lately that time got away from me and before I knew it, Ali’s birthday weekend arrived and I hadn’t finished her gift.  And since I was sending Norah her camera bag, I surely couldn’t leave Ali’s out and send it later (though Ali did say that it was okay that her gift was late).  So I pushed a few other projects aside to finish sewing Ali’s present.

I made Ali an apron using the same pattern as the Pippi Longstocking apron I made for Emma.  It’s a cross back style Edwardian apron and is adorable!  Just like Emma’s, I shortened the length a bit from the pattern.  The pockets are super cute, and I cut them on the bias for a little contrast and lined them with fabric cut on the grain for stability so they don’t stretch.   The gathers on the sides make it look more like a dress than an apron, and a little piece of twill tape stitched inside makes it easy to hang.

I’m not always sure about color choices for my granddaughters, but I know Ali like pink, just like Sophie, so I got Sophie’s approval for the fabric. ( I do have to be careful with that though, because Sophie loves all things colorful and sometimes her fabric choices are, well, let’s say bold.)

I think I might need to make a few more of these aprons, and maybe even the adult sized version for myself.  I’ll add it to my list of sewing projects. 🙂