Sister Dolls

It took many weeks of working – a bit here, a little there – but these two very special dolls were finally finished.  Some of the delay was due to me, the maker, wanting so very much for them to be as perfect as could be, as these sisters were meant for two very special […]

Wool for dolls

I opened my new order of wool stuffing and started on a couple of new dolls.  I also ordered some labels that I need to have for government compliance. (Do you have any idea how many rules you have to follow to make things for children?) I still have a couple of details to finish […]

Tiny dresses

I have been working on two very special dolls for a while. They’ve been coming along slowly, a little stitching here, a little stuffing there. I have everything I need to finish them, but I so very much want them to be just perfect and I know that my hands do not work perfection, so […]

Coloring with dolls

Hearing a soft giggle and some shuffling around in the other room, I checked to see what the little girls were up to, usually a bit of mischief when they’re this quiet.  Not mischief this time, it seems that their dolls wished to color a bit, and the girls were happy to oblige.  The crayon […]

Cloth Dolls

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on a couple of dolls here and there. There are so many amazing and talented doll makers online, and after looking at them I became almost obsessed with creating something with my own hands.  Some of my first attempts were pretty simplistic and really needed some […]