Keeping Warm

We’ve been in quite a cold snap since Christmas.  The days when our thermometer hits 0 are “warm”.  Because the wind chills are so low, the children have been in much more than out.  It has been helpful for getting schoolwork done though, since the lure of outside play isn’t a distraction. The cats are […]

Simplicity in Gift Giving

  The theme of trying to live simply seems to be everywhere, except during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then, simplicity seems to be thrown aside and “buy all the things!” takes over.  And then after all the shopping pressure, you add in the pursuit to decorate your home in holiday perfection (what do […]

Before We Lost Power – Halloween

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up.  The first week of November, actually, beginning early in the morning on October 30th, we, along with most of the state of Maine, lost power due to an unexpected rain and wind storm.  We were out from early Monday morning until Friday afternoon – 5 days. Now […]

Squeezing in Summer

Is it just me or is time this summer going incredibly fast?  We went from having plenty of summer days left to suddenly arriving in the last month of summer.  There are some places farther south than where we are that summer lasts through September, and even into October, but Maine is surely not one […]

Easter Weekend

(Sorry for the picture heavy post.) After getting a lot of outside work done on Saturday, we treated the kids to ice cream sundaes and then got to work dyeing eggs.  Over the last few years I’ve seen more and more amazing pictures of naturally dyed eggs, some made with resists created by using found […]

Finally Spring!

This weekend we finally hit temperatures that made it feel like spring outside and the backyard cleanup has begun!  And after that, there’s front yard cleanup, side yard cleanup, goat shed and chicken coop cleanup and garden cleanup.  But we won’t think about any of those today.  We’ll just think about how quickly our snow […]