• Seasons
  • Blizzard

      The winter started out so mild, but in the last week or so, it has made up for it.  We went from just a covering of snow on the ground, maybe 6″ or so, to feet.  We were only supposed to get 3″ or so on Saturday, but ended up with more than 8″.  […]

  • learning
  • Learning

    My son, Josh, gave me an online art class for Christmas. It just started on Monday. Step one was to copy a portrait (the instructor supplied one). Step two was to shade/color using charcoal. Now, my children will attest that my drawing skills are pretty basic. And I’ve never ever used charcoal in my life. […]

  • Knitting
  • My Clara Cowl

    I bought a hank of yarn before Christmas to make a quick messy bun hat for one of my daughters, but I ran out of time.  And then I realized that the daughter I had in mind didn’t wear her hair in a messy bun.  So then I thought I’d make it for another daughter.  […]

  • Living
  • Slow Making

    At the beginning of the year, I indulged in fantasies of hours upon hours of sewing; all sorts of beautiful and handmade items making their way from my sewing machine out into the world; launching my way from hobby status into an actual business that could not only pay for my sewing habit, but perhaps […]

  • crafting
  • Teaching Them Embroidery

    The girls have been watching me while I work on embroidering doll faces and they asked if they could do some hand stitching as well.  It’s been a while since I first taught them how to embroider.  Like so many things children learn, they’re interested for a while, then set it aside for a time. […]