• Seasons
  • Marking Maples


    Today was probably our last warm day of the year.  It was quite glorious actually, and I didn’t want to spend much of the day inside, so I called for the children to put away their school books early and we went outside to accomplish one of the big things on my “before winter” list.  […]

  • sewing
  • Mending


    I have to admit, I was looking for something that needed repair. Surely somewhere in our home there was some item of clothing that still fit the wearer but needed some mending.  Maddie’s jeans fit the bill perfectly. Some of the websites tell you to use a sashiko needle and thread, but since I don’t […]

  • Knitting
  • Coming up short


    There seems to be a trend in my knitting these days – I keep running short of yarn.  I make sure I have enough based on the yardage requirements for the patterns I’m making, but it isn’t lasting through the whole project; My Moonlight Garden shawl, started in May for a May knit along, ended […]

  • family
  • Card Play

    “Oh! You’re sitting at the table! Wanna play a game?” It’s pretty much a constant.  Anytime this girl sees someone sitting relatively still, and often when they aren’t, she attempts to entice them into “just one quick game”, which, more often than not, turns into more than just one game, especially as siblings wander by […]

  • Dolls
  • Grandbaby the Third – It’s a Boy!


    I wrote these first words Monday night: The text came through, “Heading to the birth center”, and my heart leaped for joy and then caught in my throat.  My first baby is about to deliver her third baby.  My thoughts were such an unruly jumble of a mixture of; I can’t wait to meet him, […]