An Apron for Ali

Yesterday I told you about Norah’s 3rd birthday coming on Saturday and the camera cozy I made.  Well, this past Sunday was Ali’s birthday.  She turned 8!  I wanted to make her something, but we’ve been so busy lately that time got away from me and before I knew it, Ali’s birthday weekend arrived and […]

A Camera Cozy for Norah

Norah, our second granddaughter, has a birthday coming up on Saturday.  I had a Babcia-made* gift in mind for her, but I hadn’t begun it yet when my daughter texted me with a request.  It seems that Norah wanted a purple camera for her birthday, but purple camera’s are a little hard to find, so […]

Lists, Floors and Paint Colors

  My Things To Do lists are pretty legendary in our family.  I make these crazy long lists of what I want to get done and everyone jokes about the time frame because what I tend to expect to complete everything quickly. I’ve adjusted my expectations the last few years, but I still make lists […]