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  • Birthday Nightgowns


    I asked my daughter what my granddaughter, Ali, would like for her birthday.  The quick reply was for pajamas for the doll I made her earlier this year.  And, of course, when making a nightgown for a doll, one must also make a matching nightgown for the girl.  I took Emma, Sophie and Silas fabric […]

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  • Emma’s Knitting


    I’ve tried to teach all our children (except maybe Josh) how to knit.  Some get it, some don’t.  Emma and Sophie tried to learn a few times, most recently in January and they even completed a simple project but then the knitting needles were put away and forgotten. Emma asked me for some yarn a […]

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  • Buttons for the finish

    I think I might have mentioned before my problem with sewing buttons onto finished knitted sweaters.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but it takes me forever to get those buttons on.  Case in point, Emma’s Cove Cardigan.  Ravelry tells me that I finished the sweater in February.  And Emma has been wearing it, […]

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  • Costumes – Our Handmade Halloween

    Handmade Halloween

      Our children love costumes.  They love dress up, pretend play, becoming someone (or something) by changing their clothes.  I love sewing.  I love making things for my children that gives them joy.  My husband loves building things. He loves making something from nothing.  So Halloween has become the perfect time for collaboration of all […]

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  • Handmade Halloween


    The flurry of making over the last few weeks is finally wrapping up today, with signs of much activity all around.  There are piles of fabric that need to be folded and put away again, pieces of string and fluff that need to be swept from the floor, bottles of paint that need to be […]