• Living
  • Slow Making

    At the beginning of the year, I indulged in fantasies of hours upon hours of sewing; all sorts of beautiful and handmade items making their way from my sewing machine out into the world; launching my way from hobby status into an actual business that could not only pay for my sewing habit, but perhaps […]

  • Knitting
  • January Mittens for Mama

    I have long believed that certain items of clothing belong to certain months.  Sweaters for November, loose skirts in July, and mittens in January.  There’s something about the month of January that calls for mittens.  Not gloves, mind you.  Mittens.  And I found myself lacking mittens to wear in January. So what does a knitting […]

  • homing
  • Slow Preparations

    Instead of our more typical rush to get all the Christmas decor up at once, we’ve been ushering it in slowly over the last few weeks, adding little touches here and there as we find the time and space.  I’ve been working on a few hand made gifts and spent some time shopping locally for […]