Shop Sale

In honor of February, and Valentine’s Day, and Cabin Fever, and the Olympics, and the sun is shining and the sky is blue, and despite the snow being so deep that I cannot walk beyond the goat shed without snow shoes, I’m having a shop sale!  Okay, so I don’t have one reason, but does […]

Hello February!

Is it just me, or is everyone else rather glad to say farewell to January?  It was an interesting month and I usually enjoy the month after the holidays as a time to sink in, stay home, and enjoy the quiet of deep winter.  But this year was definitely not the quiet I had hoped […]

Homeschooling Resources – Art

As a homeschooling mom, I’m often on the lookout for great resources for our children to learn, preferably low or no cost, preferably easily accessible.  One of those resources we use a lot is Art for Kids Hub, a channel on YouTube.   I don’t remember when we started using them, but they’re a great resource. […]

Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe for Colds

Since before the holidays, it seems that at least one person in our family has been fighting a cold.  It’s an unusual one too.  You feel like you’re getting better and then hours later you’re back to feeling awful.  And sometimes you wake up feeling badly but then by afternoon you think it’s gone, only […]


(This picture has nothing at all to do with my post, but I needed a picture and thought the cats were very funny watching the snow.  Sorry for the overexposure.  I’m still working on my camera skills and they wouldn’t re-pose once I figured out my settings.) As you may have noticed if you’ve been […]

Keeping Warm

We’ve been in quite a cold snap since Christmas.  The days when our thermometer hits 0 are “warm”.  Because the wind chills are so low, the children have been in much more than out.  It has been helpful for getting schoolwork done though, since the lure of outside play isn’t a distraction. The cats are […]