An Apron for Ali

Yesterday I told you about Norah’s 3rd birthday coming on Saturday and the camera cozy I made.  Well, this past Sunday was Ali’s birthday.  She turned 8!  I wanted to make her something, but we’ve been so busy lately that time got away from me and before I knew it, Ali’s birthday weekend arrived and […]

A Camera Cozy for Norah

Norah, our second granddaughter, has a birthday coming up on Saturday.  I had a Babcia-made* gift in mind for her, but I hadn’t begun it yet when my daughter texted me with a request.  It seems that Norah wanted a purple camera for her birthday, but purple camera’s are a little hard to find, so […]

Painting the Trim – Slow Going

  We’re still plugging away slowly on our kitchen project.  I’m sure that there are some rules of what order things should be done that we’re violating, but we’re doing what works for us, and since we’re doing all the work ourselves we just do what makes the most sense for us.  Right now, while […]

Before We Lost Power – Halloween

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up.  The first week of November, actually, beginning early in the morning on October 30th, we, along with most of the state of Maine, lost power due to an unexpected rain and wind storm.  We were out from early Monday morning until Friday afternoon – 5 days. Now […]