Emma’s Knitting





emma_knits-1211 I’ve tried to teach all our children (except maybe Josh) how to knit.  Some get it, some don’t.  Emma and Sophie tried to learn a few times, most recently in January and they even completed a simple project but then the knitting needles were put away and forgotten.

Emma asked me for some yarn a couple of weeks ago and we revisited how to make a knit stitch.  I didn’t think anything would come of it, but only a short time later she had a finished length of hand knit that was perfect for a simple cowl and as a bonus it doubles as a headband.  It’s a little loose, but it keeps her ears nice and warm.   She’s pretty happy with her finished project and I’m pretty happy to have another knitter in the house.

Of course, after she finished her project, she promptly asked for more yarn, requiring a trip to the yarn store.  Now she’s asked to learn how to read a pattern.  She’d like to make a hat, so I’m off to Ravelry to try to find a pattern for her there.  Any suggestions for a super easy to knit hat she can try?