April garden and old quotes

The pictures have nothing to do with the words today, but this is what my flower gardens look like this week.  Thought I’d document them and share, because they’re so very pretty. I know, I’m supposed to write these things down somewhere. But I rarely do.  Sometimes I post them on facebook, but then they […]

Spring Weekend

While the calendar told us of Spring’s official arrival nearly a month ago, this weekend was, for us, the first full spring weekend.  We’ve had beautiful warm days already, but this weekend was time for outside cleaning up and pea planting.  So that’s what we did. Sophie helped me get the peas in.  The garden […]

In the gardens

Last week I showed you what was blooming in our flower gardens. This week it seems that we made a leap from early spring to late spring. All the trees have leaves on them, creating a green hue to everything inside our little home. This week we have so many new flowers to enjoy. Come […]

Mom, Our Two Lips are Blooming!

Emma and Sophie helped me plant bulbs last fall. Emma had asked what we were planting and I told her tulips, and that they would bloom after the snow melted. So once the snow finally disappeared, Emma would ask, “When will our lips grow?”   The other morning, just in time for Mother’s Day, she looked […]

Herb Harvest

I left our lemon balm and oregano hanging to dry for several weeks. To be honest I kind of forgot about them. I saw them there, hanging near the chimney to dry, but never quite got around to getting them stored. Until today, when I decided to bring a buffet that had been in the […]


Feeling like this industrious little bee, I am. First the strawberries which are being picked and eaten every day now, though they’re being eaten just as fast as they come in, so I haven’t been able to freeze or preserve any yet. But I am hopeful. I may have to sneak the berries in when […]