Sweet Schooling

There are days when we do every scheduled subject, read every scheduled book, work on every scheduled project.  Those days are really good days.  They don’t happen as often as I’d like, but they do happen.  Most days aren’t like that. Some days, especially days after a very busy time, whether it’s extra appointments, extra […]

Teaching Them Embroidery

The girls have been watching me while I work on embroidering doll faces and they asked if they could do some hand stitching as well.  It’s been a while since I first taught them how to embroider.  Like so many things children learn, they’re interested for a while, then set it aside for a time. […]

Project Fair, part two

So, yesterday I told you about our Project Fair and what Zach, Maddie and Emma made (and Silas, too).  And then there’s Sophie.  Oh, goodness. Sophie came to me several weeks ago and told me she wanted her project to be Skirts and Shirts. “How cute!” I said. “Which doll do you want to make […]

Project Fair 2016, part one

Our homeschool group has an annual event, Project Fair, where the kids in the group get to show a part of what they’ve been learning.  It’s part science fair, part talent show, part art display. The weeks leading up to Project Fair can be a little intense as the kids try to pull together their […]

At Least They’re Reading

I’ve been working my way S-L-O-W-L-Y through the abyss basement, clearing out things we don’t want or need any longer, setting aside things to sell or donate.  Unfortunately, the Littles discovered one of those boxes set aside. A box of Barbies. Now, please remember that we’ve been on this parenting gig for over 27 years, […]